The Tourism and Hospitality industry requires the skills of a special person, someone for whom the world is a small place, someone who is skilled at languages, has a wanderlust and passion for other cultures and someone whose background is enhanced by a special mix of traditional culture and nurtured inspiration.

Edda Abbagliati, a tourism consultant with an impressive background, enviable experience and most of all a passion which drives her business forward.

Edda began her career in tourism as a young woman living in Spain. She has been able to add diverse jobs to her CV including tour operator, travel agencies, conventions and conferences, marketing and sales manager and hotel manager. But it is her own consultancy business which has been the heart and soul of her working life for more than 20 years. Edda launched herself in 1994 and since then has built a reputation for strength of character, commitment to a task, high quality advice and a passion for tourism on a national and international level.

Born in Chile, Edda has lived and worked in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Venezuela and Dominican Republic and has studied in Chile, Switzerland and Spain, where she gained her Tourism bachelor degree. It was her time in Spain which cemented her choice of career and her eventual working life. However it was a move to Italy, to follow her family roots that she finally found the place she wanted to stop and establish herself. After 20 years in Italy, Edda moved to the UK where she currently lives and where her latest venture is established. With close family and personal ties with Latin America, Edda has a cross cultural professional lifestyle which regularly takes her on exciting and inspirational journeys.

As a consultant Edda offers the services of someone with an enhanced knowledge of tourism marketing, campaigns, advertising and promotion – bringing together her business skills with her sheer love of the tourism industry. She has worked with a number of international hotel chains across Italy and internationally and she is sought after by tourism promotion agencies for her special skills in this area.

Via her Edda Accademia Di Stile training company, Edda offers training courses for professionals who wish to focus on ceremonial, protocol and etiquette in both the public and professional life. Her courses are run with a high degree of professionalism and use her wealth of knowledge in the area of etiquette to deliver a fresh understanding and a unique approach to this sector. Further training courses in tourism are also available from Edda herself.

Edda operates her business at an international level, seeing few barriers to her interactions with people of all nations. As a fluent speaker of Spanish, Italian and English, she is able to communicate with most people and having lived a somewhat nomadic lifestyle for many years, she understands a variety of different cultures. Her interpersonal skills are second to none, a factor which has had a huge influence on the success of her business.

Edda currently lives in Suffolk, England where she is enjoying a more relaxed pace of life but one where she is more than willing to travel for both pleasure and business.