We are a specialised practice with many years of experience
in the International arena

We have a deep knowledge of the Tourism and Hospitality fields (theory and practice) and we work as partners to give our clients complete solutions.
Our background covers international companies, independent hotels, tourism boards, DMC’s operators, boutique hotels and B&B, and a wide variety of touristic products and services. We offer our services in the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. We are lecturers in our subjects and we offer Training Courses. We are internationally focused.
We work on short and long-term consultancy assignments.

Representations B2B
  • Market research and perception analysis
  • Strategy Planning. Product Study
  • Pricing Analysis. Competitors Analysis
  • Commercialisation (contracts included)
  • Data Base Management. Direct mailings
  • Sales missions
  • Trade partner relation and Co-Marketing activity
  • Niche events organisation
  • Assistance in Industry Fairs (Trade and Consumer)
  • Workshops, Seminars and Road Show Organisation
  • Fam-Trips Organisation
Edda Abbagliati Representations B2B
  • Business representative offices in the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain
  • Long and short term marketing planning
  • Budget Management
  • Constant client communication, support and hints
  • Monthly activity reports
Revenue Management
  • Definition of the pricing strategy
  • Study of distribution costs
  • Set objectives and the actions to achieve them
  • Analysis; Impact of online reputation
  • Training and/or coaching the team
  • The principles of branding, brand benefits and components
  • The overall brand planning process
  • Market and brand situation analysis in order to identify consumer insight as the basis of future brand strategy
  • How to generate ideas for brand strategy including the contents of the brand position
  • The structure and contents of a brand guideline document
  • The role of marketing communications
  • Planning and evaluating the performance of the brand
  • Branding issues for your organisation and development of an action plan to address them
Communication and Public Relations
  • Basic press kits
  • Press releases (interview co-ordination)
  • Press Conferences
  • Media “get together events”
  • Regular clipping services
  • Press-Trips Organisation
  • Production and distribution of newsletters (Creativity, design and/or translation from corporate newsletters from headquarters)
  • Digital photo archive management (including logos and brand instructions)
Social Media
  • Objectives: being where customers are
  • Strategy: think global, think local. You can use Social Media to take your brand global or focus on potential clients who are around you now
    SM plan integrated with global communications
  • Actions: the way to generate awareness & the way to communicate in a personal way
  • Social media marketing (SMM): driving more sales
  • Strategy Planning
  • Creativity (Design, Art&Copy and production)
  • Media Planning (including negotiation and contracts)
  • Mystery guest including complete reports
  • Room Division
  • Booking and Reception
  • Meetings, Weddings and Events
  • Customer Service
  • Study on how to make your hotel/touristic product visible in an international arena
  • Strategy for internationalisation
  • Marketing & Communication tools to sell more and better abroad
  • Open contacts with interesting Operators for your hotel/touristic product
  • Negotiation of fares according to the Marketing & Revenue Plan